A talented pianist and composer

Welcome to Geo Piano, the website of Georgia Kokkinou.


Georgia is a professional, classically trained pianist, piano teacher and music composer who lives and works in London.



An accredited piano player

Georgia started playing piano at the age of ten and was taught by Mrs Katerina Zabetas. She now holds a Grade 8 in piano and a DipLCM in Piano Performance.

In summer 2006 Georgia gained the Access to Music qualification and learnt musicianship and composition from Paul Sarcich and Virginia Firnberg.

In autumn 2007, Georgia studied at the Guildhall for one year under Norman Beedie, who taught her a variety of contemporary music styles.

Today Georgia plays piano in a variety of styles including jazz, blues, indie, pop, soul, classical music, contemporary music, world music and more. She also composes her own piano music and teaches piano.

“As a pianist, Georgia tends to have her own interpretation that is quite stunningly mature and sophisticated which tends to have a lyrical ear in her piano playing.”

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